St. Francisville, Louisiana

Rosedown Plantation

Out of the many plantations to tour in the south, I picked this one because it was on the way to my next RV site reservation and also because it is dog-friendly. I was able to tour the whole plantation with my dogs with the exception of going inside the buildings or the gift shop. I had never seen a real Southern plantation before and was really overwhelmed at the extensive grounds and exquisite gardens. With all the various homes and buildings, it must have been almost a self-contained village of it’s own back in the day.

Rosedown is 374 acres and claims to be one of the most intact plantations you can tour in the South. The site, which once encompassed over 3000 acres, was in the family until the 1950s and is now owned by the state of Louisiana. It is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily and there are guided tours available. There is enough parking to be able to turn a trailer or RV in their U-shaped lot and the on-site gift shop is privately-owned and may have different operating hours. This is a popular place for wedding photographers and you can also picnic here. Grounds only admission is $7.00 per person and if you want to add the house tour, it’s an additional $5.00. Discounts for seniors and students.

We were there on a Sunday morning and there were only a handful of other people walking around. I had to wait a few minutes after touring the grounds for the gift shop to open, which seems to have flexible hours.

The view as you drive in
Many places to walk

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