Cowpens, South Carolina

Cowpens National Battlefield

Cowpens National Battlefield is a free national park in northern South Carolina near Spartanburg. The battle of Cowpens took place in 1781 and became known as a turning point in the Revolutionary War for the south. There is plenty of RV parking in the parking lot but I didn’t take the auto tour so not sure about that road.

The visitor’s center has free brochures of information as well as souvenirs and knowledgable staff to answer any questions you have. Just outside the visitor’s center is a short self-guided walk with signposts along the way. Pets on leash are welcome on the trails but not in the visitor’s center. The battlefield trail is 1.3 miles but we didn’t walk the whole trail. The auto loop is a 3.8 mile one-way road which includes parking areas along the way.

Outside the visitor’s center
A historic battlefield is usually mostly in your imagination
Lots of signposts along the way

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