Carlsbad, New Mexico — Parks and Walking Opportunities

There is a lot to do in Carlsbad, a city of 26,000 people and gateway to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. I have just barely started my explorations and of course, there isn’t as much open now with virus restrictions, but here are three places I took my dog for walks in the last couple months.

Heritage Park

Heritage Park, just as you enter Carlsbad heading on 285 going south, is a small park with a picnic pavilion, walking trails, and several historical markers. The first house built in Eddy County is preserved here.

More information on the historical markers for Carlsbad Irrigation Flume.

Ocotillo Trail

The Ocotillo Hiking Trail would traditionally be a stopping point after visiting the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens but the Living Desert facility is currently closed. We hiked most of this easy walking trail in September when it was still quite warm. It would be a very pleasant walk, indeed, during the winter months.

This area is also located just as you enter the city of Carlsbad taking 285 south.

Riverview Park and Pecos River

The river runs right through town but within town limits is labeled as Carlsbad Lake. There are parking and walking opportunities on both sides of the river with paved sidewalks along both banks. This park also features a golf course, playground areas, and a water park open during the summer months.

The city website states that Riverview Park is a 7 acre park with 3 large picnic shelters. From comments in a photography group recently, it appears that, although families have used this recreation area by the river for generations, the river walks and developed recreational areas are new since the late 60s or 70s.

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