Perry, Missouri — Mark Twain Lake

Mark Twain Birthplace Mark Twain Lake Visitor’s Center

Mark Twain birthplace is a Missouri State Parks historic site. I visited in October 2019 and failed to write up a review at that time so this is from memory. While I was camping at Ray Behrens Recreational Area, I was excited to see online that the Mark Twain Birthplace was only 18 miles away and they were having a quilt show the week I was there. The original two room cabin that Mark Twain was born in is preserved within the museum with free admission.

The museum consists of several rooms with memorabilia of the era as well as the famous author’s life. There are also hiking trails off of the parking lot to the museum, all within the state park.

A few miles down the road from the Ray Behrens Recreational Area at Mark Twain Lake is the Boudreaux Memorial Visitor’s Center which is quite large and features a lot of displays and interactive exhibits. I was able to pick up a free CD of COE (corps of engineers) parks by state which will come in real handy. There is a paved nature trail of .25 miles in length through the trees and several scenic view observation decks along the paved walkway with views of the lake and the dam.

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