I am a retired teacher of 15 years and before that, office administration and technical editing for 25 years, careers facilitated by a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and a master’s degree in Special Education.

Although I had been camping all my life, I bought my motorhome in 2016, an upgrade from tent camping. I traveled on 2 to 6 day vacations about five times a year for two years before retiring. Then, sold the house, got rid of everything and hit the road with my two dogs and my cat.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and have been interested in photography since the 1980s so I decided to start a travel blog to record my adventures. The first year, I focused on reviewing campgrounds for those who travel with pets and those are called “Pet Friendly Reviews” at AnimalsAboard.com. Recently, I realized I have a lot of sightseeing photos and information so also started a new blog called “Sightseeing Aboard.”

At Sightseeing Aboard, you will find photos and facts on a lot of the places of interest across the country. 16 states and counting!